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Maxon MDP-6000 Digital Hand Held

Maxon MDP-6000 Digital Hand Held

The Maxon MDP-6000 Series radios are the latest high-quality DMR Tier 2/Analog portable radios, built tough with IP-67 rating and 5W of TX power for both UHF and VHF models. Solid in hand, but not large in size or heavy, the series has a loud 1W speaker. MDP-6000 radios have several helpful features such as a built-in flashlight, programmable keys, VOX, 256bit AES-CTR encryption standard, and several antenna options to allow the radio to fit easier on a belt or within a backpack or purse. Programming can be done via PC or clone radio to radio wirelessly or via cloning cable. Additional factory options include Motorola/DMRA-Compatible AES Encryption, TX Inhibit, Man Down, & GPS.
While the Maxon MDP-6000 is great alone, it can be paired with optional accessories to further benefit the needs of the user. As a result, combining this radio with our variety of audio and speaker accessories can provide the exact pairing you need for all types of environments.
Maxon MOBILE MDM-4000 Series

Maxon MOBILE MDM-4000 Series

MDM-4124 50W VHF (136-174 MHz)
MDM-4424 45W UHF (406-470 MHz)

MDM-4000 Series mobile radios are high-powered, high-performance DMR Tier 2 Digital / Analog radios at an economical price. With all the channels and contacts you will ever need at your fingertips and a clear OLED display for great visibility in day or night environments, the MDM-4000 mobile radio is an indispensable LMR mobile with the best features of DMR Digital like clear audio, SMS texting, Direct Call, Voice Record, and 256bit AES Encryption standard for secure communications.
Maxon MDP-7000 Series Handheld Radio

Maxon MDP-7000 Series Handheld Radio

MDP-7124 VHF (136-174 MHz)
MDP-7424 UHF (406-470 MHz)

Maxon’s MDP-7000 Series of two-way portable radios utilize the latest DMR digital technology (Text, Voice Record, Contacts, Encryption) with a large color display and essential Analog features (DTMF, 2Tone) in a waterproof IP-67 body and full keypad. Grate for construction, forestry, & security. schools and more.